Hollywood seems to be taken by the thought of getting girls or women screwed really young. They had done a mess couple of years back with Dakota Fanning now the new ruler of the roost is Chloe Moretz. They are planning to have an adaptation of Hick a novel about a 13 year old Nebraska girl who gets more than she bargained for when she runs away to Las Vegas.

Chloe Moretz is going to make the biggest mistake of her life. But what the heck another one bites the dust. The novel is written by Andrea Portes. Derick Martini will be directing and co writing the film along with Portes. So the elements in the book will play a major part in the adaptation of the film. It could be nice parallel to the roles Chloe has been offered in the last couple of years.

Here is a synopsis of the film with some spoilers so be warned.

Portes’s chilling debut tracks a 13-year-old Nebraska girl’s hard-going life on the road. Young Luli knows losers—her “aging Brigitte Bardot” mother, Tammy, and her father, Nick, go at each other every night at the Alibi, the watering hole in hometown Palmyra, Neb. Tammy runs away one morning, and Nick soon follows, leaving Luli alone at home with the Smith and Wesson .45 her Uncle Nipper gave her. Pistol in tow, she hitches rides heading west to Vegas.

  • Wow. You’ve not done your research. We read HICK in my high school contemporary lit class and it is brilliant. It’s about a lot more than some rape. You should read it.

  • Agreed. We also read it in last years lit class and it is very moving, funny, and fresh. Please read the book before making comments like this.

  • I was privy to the script as a reader for my boss, who tried desperately to get his client in the film. The rape scene is hardly anything, by the way. If you blink, you’d miss it. It’s way toned down. But, more importantly, that script is off the charts amazing. We failed to get our girl in, oh well. If Chloe can play that role, who is in every scene, it will pay off bigtime.

  • I teach HICK to juniors and seniors in high school. In my entire teaching career I have never seen high school students so enthralled with a book. My students are hooked on HICK from the first page The sexual assault that occurs much later in the book is an excellent teachable moment, but that is only one, very small aspect of the novel. There is also a sexual assault in A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE, so do we label Marlon Brando a rapist? No, we labeled him a brilliant actor and that is what we will also label Chloe Moretz.